Where Leadership Creativity Sparks Organizational Curiosity

Hello World, I’m Patrick Doyon. If my inner circle were to sketch a character study, you’d hear tales of a guy who’s as calm as a monk in meditation, as inquisitive as a cat near a slightly open door, and as creative as a kid with a new box of LEGOs. They’d tell you about my love for diving headfirst into the labyrinth of learning and coming out with a nugget or two of wisdom. And, oh, they’d probably mention my knack for sprinkling a bit of humor into the mix, because why take life so seriously all the time?

Patrick Doyon

What Do I Do? Imagine a cocktail of creativity, leadership coaching, and a dash of consultant-facilitator for flavor. I thrive in the jungle of complex problems and business puzzles. It’s where I get to flex my creative muscles, dust off my analytical hat, and put my common sense to the test.

A Bit of Background Music: My academic playlist is a mixtape from McGill University, featuring hits like a Bachelor of Engineering and a Master of Sciences, with guest appearances by an Executive MBA and a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching. I’ve also earned my stripes (and letters) as a PCC from the International Coach Federation (ICF), and I’m no stranger to the toolbox of individual and organizational diagnostic instruments.

The Journey So Far: My professional odyssey kicked off in the world of R&D centers, zipped through high-tech startups, and wove through the corridors of Canadian and international powerhouses. Along the way, I’ve collected a treasure trove of know-how across the board—from project management to making customers smile. And let’s not forget the eclectic sectors I’ve danced with, from computing to healthcare, and from finance to manufacturing.

The Plot Twist: After 18 years of corporate adventures, I embarked on a solopreneurial quest fueled by a simple yet gnawing question: How can we turbocharge the development of leaders and teams? This led me down the rabbit hole of creating a simulation-based app for elearning role-plays, which, while groundbreaking, left me craving more impactful, lasting change. Enter stage left: coaching. It started a bit like a first date—awkward but promising—and evolved into a full-blown love affair with transformative potential.

Fast forward through a montage of blending diagnostics, training, advisory services, and a sprinkle of custom program development, and here I stand—a boutique practice turned go-to hub for organizational development.

Refining the Craft: Driven by feedback and fueled by my inner geek, I’ve launched an eCoaching platform, concocted my own leadership and team effectiveness models, and penned down my decade-long learnings in Leadership Velocity,” a tome you can snag on Amazon.

The Essence: If there’s one thing to know about me, it’s that I see the forest AND the trees. I’m all about zooming out for the big picture before diving in to untangle the knots—and then stitching it all back into a masterpiece plan. This blend of creativity, groundedness, and a penchant for laughter colors every interaction and project I undertake.

Whether I’m partnering with giants like AirBnB or Ford of Canada, or shaping the minds at Concordia and Carleton University, the goal remains the same: to weave together insights and actions that resonate on a deeper level.

And now, as the Marketing Vice President for an organization at the cutting edge of law enforcement and public safety technology, I continue to thread my narrative into the fabric of organizational excellence.

Why am I here? To share, to guide, to laugh a little (or a lot) along the way. And to prove that the journey to excellence is one worth taking—with curiosity, creativity, and maybe a dash of humor.

If you’re craving more details (or just want to see if I’m making all this up), click here for a detailed PDF copy of my RESUME.