Services and Products

The focus of my work is to help my clients increase the skills of their employees and the effectiveness of their teams. How? Through a mix of professional services that include:

Coaching: Leadership, Executive and Team
Consulting and Advisory Services
Diagnostics: Individual, Team and Organization
Custom Program Design and Development
Presentations and Workshop Facilitation

Coaching: Leadership, Executive and Team. Coaching is indeed the main service I provide. First, using a novel leadership coaching approach (methodology, best practices and tools), I help leaders become better versions of themselves. I also work with executives who, too often, find themselves stuck and feel lonely at the top. I coach them through reflection, reframing, brainstorming and problem solving. Finally, I work with intact teams, helping them assess and improve their effectiveness through five strategic dimensions and fifteen key attributes of high-performing teams.

Consulting and Advisory Services. Sometimes, all we need is… a little help from the outside. Whether it is to provide much-needed incremental capacity, to gain valuable insight from an objective third-party, or to tap into a specific domain expertise. These are the ways I put my know-how at the service of my clients, and help them work through their challenges and/or implement the required solutions.

Diagnostics: Individual, Team and Organization. You can’t improve what you don’t measure. This is why diagnostic tools are key. I use a variety of industry-recognized individual, team and organization assessments (CCL, Hay/KornFerry, Psychometrics, VIA, 6Seconds, etc.). These tools are used to help my clients assess and improve the leadership skills of their employees, the effectiveness of their teams, and/or the work climate of their organization. Over the years, I have also developed my own models/tools to assess leadership competencies as well as team effectiveness. Finally, I also work with my client tools and help them make sense of the data and craft tangible action plans thereafter.

Custom Program Design and Development. Determining the right blend and sequence of activities to help your some – or all – of your employees grow is both art and science. And getting the program mix right will determine if your organizational development initiative will yield a positive return on its investment. I work with clients of all sizes to craft personalized improvement programs and help them deploy these initiatives smoothly within their organizations.

Presentations and Workshop Facilitation. From time to time, I also work with groups – large or small – as a facilitator, presenter or subject matter expert. These engagements may be a short as an hour-long presentation, or as long and involved as a multi-day session. They may involve simple engaging presentations on a particular topic of interest (leadership, change, influence, customer experience, strategy, innovation, etc.), or more comprehension training on a specific subject (team leadership, employee coaching, change management, influence skills, customer experience, etc.). Finally, I sometimes work with clients to design and facilitate more customized work sessions such strategic planning, product innovation, marketing strategy, etc.