Ideas to Impact: My Journey in Print

Leadership Velocity: Coaching Approach, Best Practices and Tools to Accelerate the Development of Leaders.

My Book CoverHaving better leaders within an organization brings about undeniable benefits: improved work climate, enhanced team engagement, better customer focus, increased employee productivity, higher workforce retention, etc. And coaching as a means of developing leaders from all levels is also widely accepted. These two facts are undisputed.

But does coaching your leaders systematically result in improving their leadership competence? Can coaching for leadership development be used in a more efficient fashion? If so, how?

These are the questions tackled by this book. It introduces a number of concepts, best practices and tools that, when understood and applied, make coaching for leadership development more efficient.  Some of the ideas and topics specifically addressed in this book include:

A review of the main drivers and constraints related to leadership development (chap. 3)
A general leadership development framework (chap. 5)
A 3-phase leadership coaching approach (chap. 6) along with the qualities that leadership coaches should have (chap. 7)
Seven leadership coaching best practices (chap. 8-16)
An 8-step leadership behavior change process (chap. 20)
Eleven leadership coaching tools (chap. 17-19 and 21-30)
Fourteen important leadership competencies and fifteen attributes of an effective team (appendix, chap. A1)

If you’re concerned with the efficient development of your leaders, and you believe that coaching might be a useful approach to accelerate this development, then this book was written with you in mind.

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“How can we make the leadership coaching approach more efficient? By “efficient”, Patrick simply asks “can we do more (behavioral change) with less (coaching, costs)”? The author generously lets the reader peek under the hood and understand the science and the art of becoming an efficient and sought-after coach. This book is a must-read for any coach looking for a methodical approach to competency/leadership development – filled with analogies and practical examples, this how-to guide structures the coaching engagement in a powerful and effective way.”

 Valerie Tremblay, MBA, PCC., Executive Coach and Master Facilitator.

Organizational Excellence Blueprint: a Leader’s Roadmap to propel its Organization Forward and keep it going in the Right Direction.

(In Progress) In today’s challenging business landscape, organizations face numerous obstacles that hinder their growth and success. “Organizational Excellence Blueprint” will present a comprehensive guide to help leaders navigate these challenges and steer their organizations towards excellence. This book will offer a comprehensive roadmap that encompasses the key facets necessary for achieving organizational excellence, and provide practical strategies and tools to implement the excellence blueprint effectively.